Sunday, September 6

Laughter and Love ..The best payback

I got great laughs today.. over a post I finally got since I don't ever really check here.. and I laugh at the pettiness of this once "so called friend" Oh.. the stories to tell... but we shall, in all due time... I wonder if George knows what she is up too..? or even her new found "friends".. I really do pity them, because they have no clue that she is just sucking them for info, ideas, items.. whatever her selfish hands can get on... no wonder the in laws question their sons judgement.. no wonder he is known in town.. just like our once commissioner.... can we say..."What happens at work..stays at work..? Ah..the joy of me living well... sweet satisfying revenge.. but I do owe the lousy liar a thankyou... one of our last convos... turned my WHOLE world around! A better, improved, happy marriage.. a controlled excellent athlete, student son.. and of course.. my model material A+ student..who is NOT GHETTO... oops.. sorry.. that was a low dig... but.. truth be told... so... thank you... my mantra now is... I LOVE MY LIFE!!!

What mystery lays behind the woman once bejeweled?

What mystery lays behind the woman once bejeweled?
MINE >>>>>>